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RIPPED TO SHREDS obliterate all on new EP 'Demon Scriptures'

An HM-2 machine on a rampage.

Politically charged records can go either way, but the RIPPED TO SHREDS take on the nine tyrannic executions of a royal family is nothing short of blood curling. The California-based band unleash hell on their forthcoming EP 魔經 - Demon Scriptures, set to release on June 14th, 2019 via Pulverised Records.

Frontman Andrew Lee comments on the release:

"In ancient China, the capital punishment for treason in which any family related to the offender, grandparents, grandchildren, inlaws, aunts and uncles, were all executed along with him. 'Nine Familial Exterminations' attempts to musically reproduce this cruel tyranny through ripping deathrash and grindcore."

The relentless RIPPED TO SHREDS torment the HM-2 pedal with success, and all the while incorporating Chinese horror & folklore tales with a blistering outing that will send shivers down your spine. HORRENDOUS frontman Damian Herring took on production at his Subterranean Watchtower studios Velio Josto illustrates the deprived massacre of the royal lineage. Drummer Kevin Paradis of BENIGHTED and SHINING fame took on drum responsibilities for the record, which should be a clear indication of the level of intensity Demon Scriptures contains.

Stream two earth-shattering singles In Mourning and Nine Familial Exterminations below and pre-order your copy HERE.

Cover art by Velio Justo


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