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SACRILEGION unveil cover art for new album 'From Which Nightmares Crawl'

The Salt Lake City band partner with John Quevedo Janssens for a twisted effort.

Sacrilegion John Quevedo Janssens
Cover art by John Quevedo Janssens

There's nothing quite like a great album cover to get us excited for a release and with SACRILEGION now readying the arrival of their new record, From Which Nightmares Crawl, the band now share their John Quevedo Janssens-designed beast. The record, which is set to arrive via Chaos Records at a later date, is a 10 track riff fest carefully layered with guitar harmonies from the depths.

SACRILEGION comment on the cover:

"If there’s one thing the album cover for FWNC gets very very right, it’s matching the feeling of brutality the album oozes throughout its entire runtime. With a wonderfully cold color pallet, a desolate and barren landscape, and a portal opening like a giant maw to some hellish underbelly the cover beckons and entices the viewer to enter. The most noticeable and obvious centerpiece of the work, the large decapitated figure with sinewy hole-ridden wings, does a hypnotic job of conveying the overall theme of the album. Abject, uncompromised, full-in-your-face brutality. Easily catching the eye, it’s a great representation of the overall experience one may have upon choosing to enter the portal and the album itself."

While you wait for new music, stream the band's 2018 demo, The Pest Dialect, below.



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