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Shrouded In Malevolent Elegance: SECRETS OF THE MOON - Black House Review

The four-piece taps into the dark for a composition that further cements their evolution.


Layered between an ambitious, multi-pronged album cover by Metastazis and Dehn Sora is a compelling composition of wondrous manner by way of Germany's SECRETS OF THE MOON. What began as a corpse-painted black metal affair a quarter century ago is now a goth-rock powerhouse to the likes of FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM and SISTERS OF MERCY, evident of the prowess lying within the ranks of SECRETS OF THE MOON. Arriving via the always eclectic Prophecy Productions, Black House serves as quite the testament to their growth. From the glistening guitars of opener Sanctum to the soaring solo of closer Earth Hour, SECRETS OF THE MOON excel on all ends. Radiant melodies are scattered throughout gems like the title track, adding glimpses of bliss to the contrasting and otherwise dark conceptual themes. It's an alluring take on gloom that pleases those with an affinity for the darker, TRIBULATION-like side of the metal spectrum. There's a yin-yang balance that is aptly reflected with album standout Cotard, which acts as a culmination of elements propelled by a powerful vocal performance by Phil Jonas, showcasing the ever-growing depth of the band's work.

We may be far from the band's black metal roots but Black House remains heavy in a unique and emotional way, substituting blast beats for somber soundscapes. Like KATATONIA, SECRETS OF THE MOON have redefined themselves in a way that builds comfort among the ranks, as evident in this goth-rock masterclass. Black House stands as an honest work that unfolds a new layer with each consecutive listen, putting the band on a pedestal for their musical contributions to a world suffering by ongoing uncertainty.

Black House arrives on May 8th via Prophecy Productions. Stream the lead single Don't Look Now below and pre-order your copy HERE.

Cover art by Metastazis and Dehn Sora


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