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SENTINELS announce debut album 'Collapse By Design' + share lead single

The Sharptone train keeps on rolling with new talent to light up the metalcore arena.


Not many artists can say they've had a great a year as Caelan Stokkermans. This year alone, the Cleveland, Ohio-based visual mastermind has illustrated covers for The Voynich Code, Xenosis, Distant, Lacerate Thy Maker, Soul Debut, and Nahtram to name a few, not to mention merch design and layouts. Joining his fold of bands is SENTINELS, a true powerhouse of metalcore excellence. From their razor sharp riff delivery to their venue leveling breakdowns, SENTINELS do right by themselves and set themselves as a standout act among an already strong year for the genre. On October 22nd, the band will issue their debut full-length, Collapse By Design, via SharpTone Records. Lead single To Wither Away arrives alongside the announcement as a force to appreciate. The stage is set and now SENTINELS continue the course towards a promising existence.

Drummer Dave Rucki comments on the record:

"One collective goal we’ve all had as a band was, when it came time to write and record our first full length album, that we make sure it’s the absolute best it can possibly be. ‘Collapse by Design’ hits every mark we were aiming for when writing & recording this album. It contains our heaviest and our most melodic material all in one body of work, and with the help of our producer Randy LeBoeuf, it elevated it that much more to something we never thought was possible. ‘Collapse by Design’ is a journey, not only musically but lyrically, and we hope that whoever listens uncovers something new every time."

Rucki adds:

"‘To Wither Away’ was the first song I wrote lyrics/vocals for on this record. From the very first time I heard the demo, I heard the chorus loud and clear in my head, and it all just flowed naturally from there. TWA is about watching the best parts of yourself fade away. You’re becoming a hollow emotionless shell of who you once were. It also touches on toxic relationships, and how much they can change you as a person."

Stream To Wither Away below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Caelan Stokkermans
Full Cover Illustration by Caelan Stokkermans


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