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Shots From The Road: Blackbraid & Gaerea in Tucson

The two black metal standouts brought forth a crushing display.

gaerea, season of mist, black metal, gaerea tour
Photograph by Maurice Nunez

Text, Photographs by Maurice Nunez (@devilman.138) at

Encore in Tucson, AZ on October 21, 2023:

Black metal touring bills as grand as the ongoing Wolves In The Throne Room, Gaerea, Blackbraid, and Hoaxed one are few and far in between, so it becomes a necessity once it hits your neck of the woods. The likes of Blackbraid and Gaerea have continued to raise the bar in instrumentation and overall compelling audiovisuals, steering clear from the flood of quality releases into the spotlight, and rightfully so. Gaerea's Mirage (2022) and Blackbraid's Blackbraid II (2023) hold a strong grip among the genre's contemporary best and each of their live instrumentation reflects their musical feats. Each deliver big and the below photo galleries stand as testament to their commanding presence.

Blackbraid Photo Gallery

Gaerea Photo Gallery


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