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Shots From The Road: Jesus Piece in Pomona

Philly's own stand tall as a premiere hardcore outfit to clamor to.

jesus piece, jesus piece hardcore, jesus piece tour.
Photograph by Joshua Alvarez

Text, Photos by Joshua Alvarez (@joshua.jam3s) at

The Glasshouse in Pomona on Wednesday, April 24, 2024:

Jesus Piece, who released what we named our 2023 album of the year, ...So Unknown, are on the road alongside death metal standouts, Sanguisugabogg, Peeling Flesh, and Gag for a hard-hitting North American Tour that allows audiences a much needed opportunity to witness the strength of the acclaimed album in the flesh. When it comes to the live show, the band's showmanship is bar none amongst the best of them, and rightfully so given the discography that prompts the explosiveness of it all. Feral is but one way of describing the Aaron Heard led ensemble, the likes of which leveled The Glasshouse in Pomona last week.

With fan favorite, Curse of the Serpent, to kick us off, a frenzy broke out from the get go.

jesus piece, jesus piece hardcore, jesus piece tour.
Photograph by Joshua Alvarez

The Philly hardcore unit excelled on all ends, expanding greatly upon each selection from across their celebrated discography. Guitarists David Updike and John Distefano soared high with razor sharp precision while a downright commanding Heard roared front and center. Drummer Luis Aponte, who is among the best in the genre, put on a showcase of versatility, grit, and stupefying talent. The warring instrumentation of Fear Of Failure electrified an enthusiastic crowd, keeping everyone on toes as FTBS, Profane, Neuroprison, and An Offering To The Night among kept the momentum elevated. There's little breathing room to be had throughout a Jesus Piece experience, but if you're keen on going as it is, you know what to expect. Several dates remain, so head below to dive through our photo gallery of the night and see where the band is heading next.

Jesus Piece Tour Dates (Tickets):

Apr 30: Salt Lake City, UT - Soundwell

May 02: Denver, CO - The Gothic Theatre

May 03: Lawrence, KS - Bottleneck

May 04: Chicago, IL - Metro

May 05: Minneapolis, MN - Underground Music Venue

May 07: Pontiac, MI - The Crofoot Ballroom

May 08: Toronto, ON - The Opera House

May 09: Montreal, QC - Les Foufounes Electriques

May 10: Brooklyn, NY - Elsewhere: The Hall

May 11: Boston, MA - The Paradise Rock Club

Sanguisugabogg Photo Gallery

Jesus Piece Photo Gallery


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