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Shots From The Road: Slide Away Fest (Nothing)

The shoegaze talent spearhead an eclectic bill amidst a psychedelic Belasco, all in celebration of a special "Guilty of Everything" (2014) anniversary.

slide away fest, nothing band, slide away fest the belasco.
Photograph by Joshua Alvarez

Text, Photos by Joshua Alvarez (@joshua.jam3s) at

The Belasco in Los Angeles on March 30, 2024:

Philadelphia's Nothing have come great lengths since their inception, the likes of which all began with the relatable, the powerful, Guilty of Everything. To celebrate its significance to both the band and the many around the world, the band brought it back to life through the shoegaze collection of Slide Away Festival, taking place over the course of two shows with one in Philadelphia and one in Los Angeles alongside an array of artists. We were at the latter and can attest to the communal power the album (and the band) hold a decade past its release.

The Los Angeles show took place at The Belasco and included Glare, Tanukichan, Astrobrite, and Film School among others, culminating with a commanding Nothing performance that swayed the soul. With Hymn to the Pillory to kick off the festivities, we were off to an emotional maelstrom of sound that had no shortage of glistening guitars, moving lyricism, and a notable Domenic Palermo vulnerability.

slide away fest, nothing band, slide away fest the belasco.
Photograph by Joshua Alvarez

The full-album playthrough was a treat welcomed with open arms as all in attendance indulged within the loud and the psychedelic as Nothing transitioned from Dig to Endlessly and Get Well. Engraved in the hearts and minds of so many in attendance, Guilty of Everything struck a chord for so many of whom hold so many memories with the record, so many favorite moments and ethereal listens through a record that would begin one of contemporary's shoegaze most celebrated trajectories. Though a title track ending would've theoretically been a high mark to end on, Nothing dug deep and pulled out 2012's Downward Years To Come for all to bask in. A soulful, cathartic evening had come to an end.

Long live Guilty of Everything, which received its flowers that night. Head below for an extensive photo gallery of the celebration.

Nothing Photo Gallery


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