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SILVER TALON share new single 'As The World Burns'

Glorious heavy metal by way of Portland that is certain to make the rounds on year end lists.


With a fantasy cover by the renowned Gerald Brom (Doom, Diablo, World of Warcraft), SILVER TALON come guns blazing to release Decadence And Decay. This debut full-length, which arrives on May 28th via M-Theory Audio, is a masterclass in heavy metal, a feat not often achieved this early in a band's existence. The recent arrival of second single As The World Burns does justice in preparing audiences for the greatness that awaits on the record, a greatness that shines with soaring solos, electrifying screams, and unbridled energy. Keep your eyes peeled because you'll be hearing more from SILVER TALON throughout the months to come.

Stream As The World Burns below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

silver talon gerald brom
Cover art by Gerald Brom


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