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Spaced announce new album 'This Is All We Ever Get' + share lead single

Buffalo's own astound from the get go and raise excitement for their anticipated full-length.

spaced this is all we ever get, hardcore, revelation records.
Photograph by Emily Hartmann

On March 22nd, Spaced will release This Is All We Ever Get — a shape-shifting hardcore endeavor that reflects the Eric Thompson cover it sports. Glistening like counterparts MSPAINT and Initiate, Spaced astound in their boundless craft, never sticking solely to tropes and instead expanding on them, as lead single, Landslide, can attest.

The band comments:

“We’ve always had the intention of approaching hardcore with a traditional base—taking our influence from bands like The Rival Mob, Suicidal Tendencies, Gorilla Biscuits, and so many others—but adding textures and sounds that you might hear from bands like Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, The Cure, Swans, etc.

This release is our most confident work yet, and we feel stronger in what we’re doing with every facet of the band. We want the riffs and vocals to hit and impact anyone who listens—whether you’re discussing the record or a live setting—while adding reverb, flange, and delay in sections to fulfill the ‘SPACED’ sound. We’re continually shaping what that means for us, and look forward to keep developing our sound in the hardcore space.”

Stream Landslide below and pre-order the record via Revelation.

spaced this is all we ever get, hardcore, revelation records.
Cover Artwork by Eric Thompson

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