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SPIRAL SKIES announce new album 'Death Is But A Door' + share lead single

The Swedish psych-rock outfit craft an elegant effort brimming with soul.

Photograph by Mikaela Tomazdotter

If you close your eyes and randomly pick out a record from the AOP Records stable, you'd very likely come across a gem. The label's eclectic selection is nothing short of exquisite and Spiral Skies stands tall among them all as a collective that takes blues to hard-hitting lengths. The band now announce their new album, Death Is But A Door, arriving on March 25th with a lovely cover by way of Jonathan Hultén (ex-Tribulation). To prepare for the band's sophomore record, Spiral Skies shares While the Devil Is Asleep as the lead single. It's a strong sample of the 70’s psychedelic rock, 80's heavy metal, doom, and folk melting pot that Spiral Skies carefully craft.

The band comments:

"'While the Devil is Asleep' is the first of nine - it's a bluesy and explosive tune, a real energy-filled beast both on a spinning record and live."

Stream While the Devil Is Asleep below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover Artwork by Jonathan Hultén


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