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SPIRIT ADRIFT announce new album 'Ghost At The Gallows' + share lead single

The soaring heavy metallers return with another electrifying endeavor.

spirit adrift
Photograph by Wombat Fire

On August 18th, Spirit Adrift will welcome a high mark in their celebrated discography through the heavy metal underground with the release of Ghost At The Gallows via Century Media. As one would come to expect from Spirit Adrift, Ghost At The Gallows promises high octane glory and lead single Death Won't Stop Me sets the stage in epic fashion, just like the beautiful cover artwork by Jeremy Hush. It's a thrill of a listen that uplifts with its strong instrumentation.

Frontman Nate Garrett comments:

“Subconsciously, each album I do tends to have a theme or make a point. I didn’t realize it when I was writing, but the new album seems to encapsulate the grieving process. I realized when I was done with it that lyrically all the stages of grief are present. It’s a way to mourn, it’s a way to grieve, to take painful things that happen in our lives and make something powerful and positive out of it. That’s been the goal with this band from day one.”

Stream Death Won't Stop Me below or in your platform of choice.

Cover Artwork by Jeremy Hush


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