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Static Dress share spell-binding new rendition of 'Di-slinTer'

The band's deluxe redux of their acclaimed debut inches closer with an ethereal number.

static dress
Photograph by Olli Appleyard

On September 15th, Static Dress will breathe new life into their celebrated debut record, Rogue Carpet Disaster, in the form of a Redux release that finds the band stripping down and building up four tracks comprising the release, one of which is today's new single, Di-sinTer. The melodic effort comes accompanied by a video directed and edited by vocalist Olli Appleyard. Like its predecessor singles, Di-sinTer expands upon an already wondrous body of work in ways inviting to anyone keen for a boundless listening experience of post-metal excellence.

Stream Di-sinTer (GLITTER REDUX) below and pre-order the album now.

static dress
"Rouge Carpet Disaster Redux" (2023) Cover Artwork


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