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STYGIAN BOUGH (BELL WITCH, AERIAL RUIN) share new single 'The Bastard Wind'

A masterclass in mournful sonics.

Photograph by Lauren Lamp

Consisting of BELL WITCH duo Dylan Desmond and Jesse Shreibman and AERIAL RUIN's Erik Moggridge, funeral doom powerhouse STYGIAN BOUGH are inching closer to the release of their first effort Stygian Bough Volume I. Set to arrive on June 26th via Profound Lore Records, this collaborative composition is built off of honest camaraderie as evident in the serene yet despondent themes. Today, STYGIAN BOUGH share the heart-wrenching new single The Bastard Wind.

Moggridge comments on the new single:

“I originally thought that these parts might make up an entire song but Dylan wanted to break up the more melodic ear candy material with tension building parts and came up with all the riffs in the songs middle with this in mind. The idea being the listener would be expecting the melodic stuff to continue but instead have to wade through all these edgy riffs first making the payoff bigger at the end. We ended up with a 10 minute journey into heavier and heavier material. Jesse did a great job building up the tempos that give that part this dynamic arch and gets almost mid-tempo before crashing down again. His death metal vocals in that section really bring that part home too.”

Stream The Bastard Wind below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Adam Burke


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