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SUNSLEEP share lush new single 'Dead'

The first of a 3 part collection of compositions from the Texas unit.


The art of mixed media is ideal for bringing together ideas that otherwise contrast, completing a uniform message that harnesses elements from across the visual spectrum. This practice is embodied musically by SUNSLEEP, who merge hard hitting rock choruses with blissful melodies to great affair, as evident in their new single Dead. This new offering is testament to the songwriting prowess of the quintet as it captivates listeners with an emotionally charged, alt-rock experience.

SUNSLEEP frontman Devin Barrus on the single: "Dead is about facing the ugly side of escapism. Using the metaphorical value of seeing part of yourself “dying” akin to realizing that you can hardly face reality anymore. “So drink the blood from the holes that you still bleed” essentially feasting on your own self justification. Dead is also wanting to let go of something knowing you have to come to terms with it. Building up walls and breaking them down again."

Stream Dead below and keep your eyes peeled for what SUNSLEEP have coming.


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