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SVALBARD announce new album 'When I Die, Will I Get Better?'

A soaring sound met by vivid Kingscote visuals.

Photograph by Tim Birkbeck

For as often as it seems we hear of the injustices taking place in contemporary society, certain topics remain taboo, of those being sexism, misogyny, abuse and mental health. The Serena Cherry-fronted SVALBARD are taking helm of the discussion with When I Die, Will I Get Better?, the band's forthcoming third full-length.

Arriving on September 25th via Translation Loss Records and Holy Roar Records, this eight-track being is as raw as it is appealing, pulling listeners in with a palette of musical elements and keeping them there with an unfolding message. The autumnal colors in Steven Kingscote's cover are a representation of the optimistic feeling that lies within the pain, which is further represented by the stag.

The band have shared lead single Open Wound to bridge soulful melody with unbridled aggression, both of which come together in seamless fashion to the likes of ALCEST's blackgaze. It's a lush affair that does it's job in easing listeners into the heart-wrenching experience that awaits all on When I Die, Will I Get Better? upon arrival.

Stream the Open Wound below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Steven Kingscote


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