Tension & Dread: A Conversation With Tim Pope of THE AMENTA

Going in-depth with the Australian unit following a successful set of releases this year.

the amenta

Words by KMaN (@kmanriffs):

Have you ever yearned for a metal band that refuses to fit inside the conventional parameters of what heavy music should sound like? A band that sounds like no other, and almost intentionally derails itself when even the slightest glimpse of cliché or stereotypical patterns of delivery invades their writing style? Sydney, Australian act The Amenta have been throwing down such behaviour since their arrival with 2004’s debut Occasus. They don’t adhere to the regular album-tour-album cycle. True to their word about not repeating themselves, they even took an 8 year ‘hiatus’ after 2013’s Flesh is Heir album; a chance to recharge and venture into other projects. Fortunately, everything post-Flesh couldn’t remove itself from the powerful clutches of what The Amenta had become and thus, album No. 4, Revelator, was born and unleashed back in February this year.

6 months down the track, a limited 2 track EP, Solipschism, was released last Friday and as a matter of course, I caught up with keyboard/samples/noise merchant Timothy Pope to chat about the return of his band, the new album & EP, live gig frustrations and what the future may hold for The Amenta going forward. With Tension & Dread, please read and enjoy:

Welcome to Heaviest of Art, Tim! We’ve had this lined up for quite some time, but finally, it’s great to have you answer some questions for us today!

Pope: Hey, KMaN! Thanks for the chat. It’s been a long time coming! Looking forward to it.

Absolutely, man! It’s been in the works for some time! Of course, the main reason we have you here, is to chat about the events that have transpired for The Amenta since February’s ‘Revelator’ album was released and the upcoming 2 Track EP ‘Solipschism’ and slew of Australian live shows planned for September. Let’s start with ‘Revelator’, Tim. As far as I can tell, there was a decided expectant vibe around your return after 8 years. Firstly, did you expect anything like that prior to the release and what have you made of the response to the album since its rel