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The best album covers of August 2021

From dark synth to aural terror and dreamlike post-punk, this month delivered strong.

Words by Luis (@luis.hoa):

What better way to celebrate 3 years of Heaviest of Art than with one of the most broad-ranging entries of our monthly cover art column! That's right, 3 years since our very first tweet, marking the inception of an incredible journey that evolved from a Twitter account sharing Bandcamp links and album covers to a full-fledged website with contributing writers and photographers from across the country. Our growth is a testament to the support we receive from you all on a day to basis. Every like, every share, every kind word and message is the lifeline of the platform and with this continuing to grow in great lengths, the future is bright. Rest assured, we're only getting started.

Well, enough of the celebration, let's get right into business. The article's collage graphic simply speaks for the array of selections we have for you today, an array that spans all ends of the artistic spectrum for an eclectic discovery process. Daniel Corcuera's cover for Qrixkuor's Poison Palinopsia frightens as much as it does entice, akin to that of Alex Grey's legendary illustrations for Tool of where the human psyche is the focal point. Pär Olofsson continues to show why he's one of metal's most sought out artists with a striking showing of societal control while Venera Red excels at capturing introspection through photography for Venues. Talat Darvinoğlu sparks curiosity and open interpretation with a neat approach that welcomes all to the Smiling's moving post-punk on Devour. On the other hand, Masood Tahir comes direct with what could very well be a page straight from a comic book for Young Nudy's Rich Shooter, showcasing Nudy sitting atop golden rifles and skulls. Thomas Toye shows us all what happens when one comes face to face with death through bright-colored landscapes and the scene of a fatal car crash. Trippie Redd enlisted Stephen Gibb's bubblegum surrealism once more to depict the joyous nature of Trip At Knight, the likes of which we went in-depth with on a Behind the Cover feature. The strength of the mother/daughter dynamic is present once again on indie pop standout Indigo De Souza's new album, Any Shape You Take, which finds Kimberly Oberhammer continuing the musician's visual identity of floral liveliness at the foreground of the parental skull. Joseba Eskubi's fine art puts a shine on Thief's electrifying fusion of electronic rock on The 16 Deaths Of My Master while Atom Cyber looms over viewers with a cybernetic goddess for Deadlife's God in the Machine. Again, there's much to love and while we can go in-depth with each, the canvass is open for your own personal interpretation. Go ahead, scroll through, and enjoy!

Here are the best album covers of August 2021:


QRIXKUOR - Poison Palinopsia (Daniel Corcuera) | Listen

INFINITE HEX - Simulacrum & Stimuli (Pär Olofsson) | Listen

VENUES - Solace (Venera Red) | Listen

SMILING - Devour (Talat Darvinoğlu) | Listen

YOUNG NUDY - Rich Shooter (Masood Tahir) | Listen

DEADLIFE - God in the Machine (Atom Cyber) | Listen

TRIPPIE REDD - Trip At Knight (Stephen Gibb) | Listen

INDIGO DE SOUZA - Any Shape You Take (Kimberly Oberhammer) | Listen

THIEF - The 16 Deaths Of My Master (Joseba Eskubi) | Listen

portrayal of guilt / CHAT PILE - split (Thomas Toye) | Listen


As always, thank you for supporting artists responsible for enriching our lives with their creativity. We remain sane because of it. Stay tuned to Heaviest of Art on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for your art and music needs throughout the day.


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