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The best album covers of January 2021

An eclectic selection spanning all ends of the musical spectrum.

January came and went and 2021 is off to a solid start, musically at least. Regardless of the madness that is the stock market, economy, and life in general right now, music and art alike continues to prosper, which one could argue is a result of the shortcomings. This month's album cover curation reflects that as Heaviest of Art expands into new artistic horizons, diversifying the monthly assortment and highlighting some of the best audiovisual treats that came across our desks in the past month.

What we have for you today is an interesting selection of styles, colors, musical genres, and artists in general, the likes of which includes Pockets Warhol, a Canada-based capuchin monkey that paints for charity. Pockets had the honor of illustrating MARTIN GORE's (Depeche Mode) new EP, The Third Chimpanzee, which is as stimulating as the color choice on the cover. We also have a variety of talents making their first appearance on the column and site overall, including Hillel Eflal, Jeff Fribourg, Wolfgang Stiller, and Ezakeil, all of whom excel at putting a face to the hymns embodied within. From the Bolt Thrower-like death metal of FROZEN SOUL's Crypt Of Ice to the witty charm of WEEZER's OK Computer and dreamlike soundscapes of APIFERA's Overstand, there's something for all to love. Scroll through, click on those listen links, and have at it!

Here are the best album covers of January 2021:


FROZEN SOUL - Crypt Of Ice (Velio Josto) | Listen

WOWOD - Yarost' I Proshchenie (Ezakeil/Ashfireworks) | Listen

CJ FLY - The Way I Hear It Vol. 1 (Fred Lozano Jr.) | Listen

APIFERA - Overstand (Hillel Eflal) | Listen

MALAKHIM - Theion (Mitchell Nolte) | Listen

STASS - Songs Of Flesh And Decay (Juanjo Castellanos) | Listen

KAZ MIRBLOUK - Careless by Contrast (Jeff Fribourg) | Listen

WEEZER - OK Human (Mattias Adolfsson) | Listen

MARTIN GORE - The Third Chimpanzee EP (Pockets Warhol) | Listen

HERE LIES MAN - Ritual Divination (Wolfgang Stiller) | Listen


As always, thank you for supporting artists responsible for enriching our lives with their creativity. We remain sane because of it. Stay tuned to Heaviest of Art on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for your art and music needs throughout the day.


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