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The best album covers of May 2021

An eclectic selection of art both haunting and vibrant.

Words by Luis (@luis.hoa):

There's nothing quite like opening a vinyl gatefold and gazing at a full landscape painting that wouldn't be visible from the parameters of a standard album cover's dimensions. Take Inferno's Paradeigma (Phosphenes of Aphotic Eternity) or Savanah's Olympus Mons for example. The vinyl edition of the latter sports a breathtaking illustration by Irrwisch that will expand into a four-piece, fold-out package while Paradeigma is well adorned by Elijah Tamu's artistic intricacies on both the front and back covers. Needless to say, their impact is best felt through the physical package.

Beyond these two, last month brought forth an ensemble of talent from across the spectrum. The progressive doom of Vokonis' Odyssey radiates with Kyrre Bjurling's energetic color pallet, which is complemented by inner gatefold artwork just as exquisite. Francesca Ludikar also employs a spirited gradient to capture a sunset skies for Sumo Cyco while Remedy Art Design delivers a fiery depiction of the Garden of Eden for False Witness. The renowned Costin Chioreanu partnered with Subterranean Masquerade for a joyful maelstrom that expands upon Mountain Fever's expansive sonic variety. On the darker end, Adam Burke sets the standard for atmosphere with a Gates of Mourning cover akin to that of Resident Evil Village. Add covers by Donny Phillips, Nether Temple Design, and Jeremy Hush and you have yourself standout choices for artistic excellence.

Here are the best album covers of May 2021:


VOKONIS - Odyssey (Kyrre Bjurling) | Listen

INFERNO - Paradeigma (Phosphenes of Aphotic Eternity) (Elijah Tamu) | Listen

SUMO CYCO - Initiation (Francesca Ludikar) | Listen

FATHER BEFOULED/EXAUGURATE - Purging Holiness (Nether Temple Design) | Listen

FALSE WITNESS - In The Company Of Snakes (Remedy Art Design) | Listen

SAVANAH - Olympus Mons (Irrwisch) | Listen

SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE - Mountain Fever (Costin Chioreanu) | Listen

GATES OF MOURNING - Of Raven's Wings and a Blood Moon (Adam Burke) | Listen

TOOTH AND CLAW - Dream of Ascension (Jeremy Hush) | Listen

TRADE WIND - The Day We Got What We Deserved (Donny Phillips) | Listen


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