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The best metal album covers of August 2020

A vibrant assortment of art both wondrous and deadly.

August came and went in the blink of an eye, leaving behind a collection of covers that stand among the best of our monthly features thus far. As we look back at the best of this past month, it's important to note that this month's wondrous set may have been one of the hardest selections to finalize given the vast amount of visual talent scattered throughout the weeks. We won't get into specifics on names or records in particular; however, there were several changes to the list as we got closer to the end, speaking again to the talent that we're seeing across our timeline.

In looking closer at the month, Lewandowski's breathtaking ventures for ATRAMENTUS serve as one of the many experiences that made August so memorable. Another would be the sadistically vibrant Lucas Ruggiere and Mark W. Richards (Heavy Hand Illustration) collaboration for ASSIMILATION, one that brought Ruggiere's intricate line work together with Richards' eye-catching color palette. Mexico's Néstor Avalos placed us face to face with a demon among an endless void while the mighty Juanjo Castellanos reimagined a POSSESSION collection of classics under thunderous skies. One could go into endless conversation with the details present throughout our cover choices, especially after seeing Luca Carey's chromatic vision for EXPANDER. That said, let the covers speak for themselves and click through the links to lose yourself in the music they so seamlessly represent.

Here are the best metal album covers of August 2020:


ATRAMENTUS - Stygian (Mariusz Lewandowksi) | Listen

POSSESSION - Disentombed Manifestations (Juanjo Castellano) | Listen

YEAR OF THE KNIFE - Internal Incarceration (Sam Octigan) | Listen

PRODITOR BICORNI - Íconos Del Caos (Néstor Avalos) | Listen

ALEYNMORD - The Blinding Light (Jef Whitehead) | Listen

SILVER KNIFE - Unyielding/Unseeing (Business For Satan) | Listen

EXPANDER - Neuropunk Boostergang (Luca Carey) | Listen

ASSIMILATION - Tainting the Purity (Lucas Ruggiere, Mark W. Richards) | Listen

XYTHLIA - Immortality Through Quantum Suicide (Carlos Agraz) | Listen

GREAT COLD EMPTINESS - Death Gifted a Bouquet (Joseph Wright of Derby) | Listen


As always, thank you for supporting bands and the artists responsible for enriching our lives with their creativity. We remain sane because of it.

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