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The best metal album covers of March 2020

An opportunity to immerse yourself into expansive new worlds.

When February's top metal album covers article went live, the musical circumstances were a bit different. Live shows were still a thing, tours weren't being cancelled left and right, and communities still had the opportunity to walk inside and gander throughout their local record stores. Those privileges have been placed on hold, for now.

As you abide by health professional guidelines and continue to stay home, take a gaze at the records sitting on your shelf (or digital library). Stare at those beautiful brush strokes that so many talented artists have invested towards your album of choice. Get lost in those worlds created as the music drives your body, slowly enticing you to headbang or fall into a trance. Open that gatefold and analyze the liner notes, providing clarity to the questions you may have had upon multiple listens. You owe it to yourself to fully appreciate the music you've so carefully invested in. With March now coming close, we're happy to share a group of compositions that moved us so, musically and visually.

Here are the best metal album covers of March 2020:


LURKER OF CHALICE - Tellurian Slaked Furnace (Rodrigo Pereira) | Listen

SPECTRAL LORE/MARE COGNITUM - Wanderers: Astrology of the Nine (Elijah Tamu) | Listen

ESCUELA GRIND - Indoctrination (Dan Rossiter) | Listen

MALOKARPATAN - Krupinské ohne (Svjatogor) | Listen

KORGONTHURUS - Kuolleestasyntynyt (Roni "Ronitor" Arling) | Listen

ROTTING KINGDOM - A Deeper Shade of Sorrow (Adam Burke) | Listen

LYCHGATE - Also sprach Futura (Khaos Diktator Design) | Listen

DOPELORD - Sign of the Devil (Fabian Staniec) | Listen

PSYCHONAUT - Unfold the God Man (Sam Coussens) | Listen

ARCADA - Projections (Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal) | Listen


As always, thank you for supporting bands and the artists responsible for enriching our lives with their creativity. Let's continue to buy merch, records, and more importantly, introduce one another to killer tracks.

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