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THE BODY release enthralling new album 'I've Seen All I Need To See'

A maelstrom of sonic elements that further pushes the boundaries of noise.

Photograph by Zachary Harrell Jones

Staying true to their respected work ethic and consistency, Portland's THE BODY have opened their sound palette once more and crafted a beast, that being I've Seen All I Need To See. Arriving today via Thrill Jockey Records, I've Seen All I Need To See is like any of its predecessors, complex yet rewarding, richly layered and unfolding with every passing minute. THE BODY, which consists of Chip King (guitar, vocals) and Lee Buford (drums, programming), are no strangers to haunting sound and tracks like A Pain Of Knowing emphasize that point, capturing human pain in sonic form. As stimulating as this is on the headphones, one will see the true power of I've Seen All I Need To See once it hits the live stage.

Until then, stream I've Seen All I Need To See in full below and order your copy HERE.



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