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LA Intersections — The Broad Museum celebrates Angeleno art and music history

A unique activation of the state of the art space featuring Zulu, Keith Morris, and more.

zulu the broad, the broad museum.
Photograph by Joshua Alvarez

More than a collection of revered visual artifacts, The Broad Museum builds community in Los Angeles through an intentional organization of events and audiovisual showcases, such as this month's LA Intersections. Kicking off on January 27, 2024 and returning once more on March 30, 2o24, LA Intersections welcomes guests after hours (8 - 11 p.m.) for a celebration of live music and spoken word from artists emerging in the vivid LA punk, ska, jazz, rap, noise music scenes among others. Among them is hardcore standouts Zulu (who earned the #9 spot on our year-end list), readings by THE Keith Morris (Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Off!), and a slideshow of Pleasant Gehman’s punk show flyers and pages from her Lobotomy Fanzine. These are but a few of the many showings that will take up the museum's illustrious halls.

No matter where you head, the venue will be brimming with life from across all ends of the LA spectrum.Look back at our time with the museum's Takashi Murakami x Thundercat summer event and see why any event hosted by The Broad is an event worth showing up for.

Head to The Broad to secure your tickets in advance and learn more about the event, and stay tuned for live coverage. See you on the 27th!

the broad museum.
The Broad Museum's "L.A. Intersections" Official Flyer


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