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THE GREAT OLD ONES unlock the Lovecraftian portal on "The Omniscient"

Hailing from their new record.

Photograph by Joel Queyrel

Following the much awaited announcement of their new album Cosmicism, French black metal titans THE GREAT OLD ONES have made available the first single The Omniscient for a mind stimulating experience. The mystical atmospheres that the band are otherwise known for are taken to new heights on this track, guiding the listener through eloquent melodies and sheer ferocity. Jeff Grimal's are serves as a proper introduction to the rabbit hole of cosmic riffs that await.

Frontman Benjamin Guerry comments of the track:

"We are very proud to present you 'The Omniscient,' the first extract of our new album. Follow the story of Wilbur Whateley and his destiny, directly linked with Yog -Sothoth, in a song full of epic feelings and dramatic tones. Yog-Sothoth is the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the key and guardian of the gate."

Cosmicism arrives on October 25th via Season of Mist, but you can stream the otherworldly The Omniscient below and pre-order your copy HERE.

Cover art by Jeff Grimal


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