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The Influential Five: Blake Harrison & Jason Hamacher of ZEALOT R.I.P.

Diving into the wealth of inspiration that drove the band's latest force of nature.

zealot r.i.p.
Zealot R.I.P. (2021)

About a week ago today, the world was hit with the debut Zealot R.I.P. full-length, The Extinction of You, via Three One G Records. From the opening D-beat extremity of the title track to the closing screams of album standout Covered In Flies, this maelstrom of a composition allows for very little breathing room, and rightfully so. Band members themselves stem from the likes of Pig Destroyer, Darkest Hour, Frodus, Fairweather, and more, hence the alternating pace and constantly evolving song structures of many twists and turns. There's much to dissect, and with aggression this elevated, we'd be remiss not to spring up in awe of the kaleidoscope of influence present here.

To learn a little more about what went into their approach, we asked the band's own Jason Hamacher and Blake Harrison to list a set of key records that drove their songcraft as it pertains to Zealot R.I.P. and The Extinction of You. As the below selections would entail, Zealot R.I.P. pull from an array of sources that span all ends of the extreme music spectrum to create the caustic meta/hardcore hybrid that is The Extinction of You. Whether it be the revered death metal excellence of Blessed Are The Sick or the uncompromising speed of No Heroes, Harrison and Hamacher sport a wealth of knowledge and help offer a bit of everything throughout this raging experience, the likes of which batters your face in one track at a time. It's far from an easy listen, but for those with a patience and level of vulnerability, it consistently unfolds with new layers and provides one with an energy you might've thought nonexistent:


Blake Harrison

Dead Kennedys - In God We Trust, Inc. (1981) EP: Basically this was the fastest hc punk I had heard at this time, sardonic and full of wit.

dead kennedys
Cover Art by Jello Biafra

Integrity - Humanity Is The Devil (1996) EP: I really LOVE the way Dwid goes for it on this, there's nothing but his amazing screams, oh and the harkening of the apocalypse.

Cover Art by Pushead

Verbal Assault - Trial (1987): One of the first "metallic hardcore records" I've ever heard, the personal lyrics really connect here.

Cover Art by Carla Porch

Morbid Angel - Blessed Are The Sick (1991): Everyone can tout 'Altars Of Madness' (1989) all they want, but the riffs, speed and fury on this can't be matched. The vocals are more like a "spell" or "incantation".

'Les Trésors de Satan' (1895) by Jean Delville

Swiz - s/t (1988): Underrated to be sure. The belting out of the vocals on this has been a huge influence on me.

Cover Art by Jason Farrell

Jason Hamacher

Born Against - 9 Patriotic Hymns for Children (1991): I love how the drums are straight forward, chaotic & powerful on this recording. Jock Gestapo is high up on my list!

Cover Art by Melissa York

Entombed - Uprising (2000): The drumming on this record is more punk than metal. I LOVE the way the fills are executed on 'Say It In Slugs'.

Cover Art by Alex Hellid

Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss (1990): One of my all-time favorites. Dave Lombardo’s feel and timing on this album heavily influenced my approach to writing for Zealot.

Cover Art by Larry Carroll

Converge - No Heroes (2006): Ben is one of the best punk / metal drummers I listen to. I love how crushing he gets on 'Plagues'. For me, this album is a perfect translation of energy to recording.

Cover Art by Jacob Bannon

Unbroken - Circa ‘77 (1995): Fast, heavy & pissed: one of my all time favorites. The end of 'Absentee Debate' is insane.

"Circa '77" (1995) by Unbroken


Stream the video for the raging staple Ambush Predator below and experience the power for yourself by ordering a copy of The Extinction of You HERE.

"The Extinction of You" (2021) by Zealot R.I.P.


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