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The majesty of Heilung is coming to Los Angeles

The premiere world ensemble hits the Shrine Expo Hall this December 11th. Here's why you need to be there.

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Photograph by Luis, Heaviest of Art

In just one week, the Shrine Expo Hall & Auditorium in Los Angeles will welcome Heilung — a group acclaimed for their ability to tantalize and deliver a grounding experience with audiovisual grandeur. As we've noted in the past, they transcend genre and cement themselves as a premier act to strive for with a line of spear and shielded warriors to loom over the entranced audience. Heilung command upon their opening ritual and hook you in with ethereal instrumentation and stage presence unlike no other, making this one can't miss event. Look back at their LIFA (2017) performance recorded live at Castlefest 2017 as a preview to what awaits.

Tickets for the special event are available now via AXS. Scroll through a collection of shots from Heilung shows we've covered in the past and see why the praise is warranted.


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