The top 30 album covers of 2020

Lose yourself to a collection of this year's best visual endeavors.

Illustration by Noah C. Meihoff

Before we get into the list, how about that above illustration by Noah Meihoff? Titled Total Gnosis of the Optic Void, the painting was crafted for us here at Heaviest of Art to capture a sense of discovery, similar to that of picking up a great new record based on an album cover alone. Like many can attest, album covers have the ability of garnering the curiosity of a passing individual, whether that be at a local record store or a streaming service. Upon blindly embarking on a record, listeners walk into a world of unimaginable elements, leaving the rest to history.

That said, 2020 hosted a plethora of works that piqued our interest from the very beginning. Here at Heaviest of Art, we believe in love at first sight (for covers that is), and the below list is but a neat sample of what made it this year so good for audiovisual enthusiasts. Whether it be genre legends like Joe Petagno, Dan Seagrave, and Timo Ketola (R.I.P.) or modern greats like Adam Burke or Eliran Kantor, our selections highlight what make metal one of the most visual of the genres, if not the most visual. Instead of continuing the commentary, let's let the covers do the talking.

Here are the top 30 album covers of 2020:

30. Battle Dagorath - Abyss Horizons (Jenglot Hitam) | Listen

29. Ulcerate - Stare Into Death And Be Still (Jamie Saint Merat) | Listen

28. Unreqvited - Empathica (Matt Erskine) | Listen