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THEON CROSS announces new album 'Intra-I' + shares spellbinding lead single

The Sons of Kemet musician explores the self through trailblazing, tuba-led jazz.

theon cross
Photograph by Ian Hippolyte


Few times will you find an audiovisual component of a record release as synchronized as the one we have for you today, that being Theon Cross' newly announced record, Intra-I (meaning "Within Self"). Arriving on October 29th via New Soil / Marathon, Intra-I celebrates the communal experience of the black identity, achieved through dance, visual arts, and more noticeably, sound. Cross' bass-heavy efforts instill a rhythm capable of lighting any venue up into a dancing frenzy by harkening back to jazz intricacies and cultural groove, Lead single The Spiral, which features vocalists Afronaut Zu and Ahnansé, animates the vibrant blue hues of Laurie Fitzgerald's cover illustration as a means of highlighting the introspective journey of self-realization through dance. There's no question as to why Cross stands at the top of London's jazz scene and it's with efforts as compelling as Intra-I that he looks to remain at this elevated position.

Theon Cross comments on the single:

“It was important for me to feature a nod to the culture of the sound system. For me, this song and the album is all about showcasing a sound system powered by breath through the passageways of the tuba.”

Experience The Spiral below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.


theon cross
Cover Art By Laurie Fitzgerald


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