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Tomb Mold surprise announce new album 'The Enduring Spirit'

Arriving this week with a wondrous cover by longtime partner Jesse Jacobi.

tomb mold, new tomb mold, death metal
Photograph by Colin Medley

This Friday, September 15th, Tomb Mold will release their fourth album, The Enduring Spirit, via 20 Buck Spin — a boundless death metal effort sporting another inviting Jesse Jacobi cover illustration. The Enduring Spirit finds the band returning after a four year break following three consecutive years of album releases. Like mastermind Derrick Vella's side project, Dream Unending, and Payson Power and Max Klebanoff’s Daydream Plus project, Tomb Mold tread a myriad of sound incorporating jazz and progressive composition for what is anticipated to be an inviting listen.

The Enduring Spirit arrives September 15th digitally and October 13th physically.

tomb mold, new tomb mold, death metal
Cover Artwork by Jesse Jacobi


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