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TRNA announce new album 'Istok' + share lead single

Ease the soul with serene Russian blackgaze.

Photograph by Maria Nemm

With the madness of the contemporary sociopolitical world, escapes to other worlds are deemed necessary, even if for only a few minutes. Music has an ability to do so in unique ways and Russia's TRNA have mastered that art with their immersive approach to post-metal. On September 3rd, the trio will digitally release their new album, Istok, via Candlelight Records with physical versions arriving on October 1st. Let the mountainous terrain on the cover guide you on the TRNA excursion that awaits within, as lead single Shining would attest. The single features vocals from black metal standouts Gaerea and adds a new layer of aggression to the band's graceful yet warring compositions.

The band comments:

"What is Istok? Istok is the place where all begins, where you go when you feel that you can't bear your everyday life. It's the great nothingness where you find peace. It's the salvation and relief. But to get there is a whole journey and it's different for everyone.

TRNA is always about nature. Of course we would like our music to speak for us and reading what people say about how they feel listening to it makes us believe that we manage to somehow get the message across."

Stream Shining below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.



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