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TURBID NORTH announce new album 'The Decline' + share ripping lead single

The Alaskan-born, Texas-based trio ready a heavy start to the new year.

Photograph by Nick Forkel

On January 20th, Turbid North come forth with their first full-length composition in seven years, that being The Decline. Standing as a sonic tapestry built from distinct metal and rock elements including space-rock, bone-crushing doom, and deathgrind, The Decline is a whirlwind of a listen that offers much in the realm of diversity for those keen on a unique listen. It's the byproduct of mastermind Nick Forkel, who recorded, mixed, mastered, and handled photo duties for The Decline.

Forkel comments on the album's concept:

"It's all part of one story. It's a collection of songs that delves into the downfall and self-destruction of a person. I went through some personal things that spawned this idea. Real experiences influenced these songs, lyrically and musically. It's darker and more personal for me than any other Turbid North record."

Stream The Old Ones below and pre-order the record HERE.

Cover Artwork by Nick Forkel


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