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TURNSTILE share animated video for new single 'BLACKOUT'

Another significant step towards the band's free spirited evolution to the edges of hardcore.

Photograph by Jimmy Fontaine

Several tracks in and it's ever so clear that GLOW ON is the album TURNSTILE are meant to make. Their youthful ambition takes full form when the album hits on August 27th via Roadrunner Records. Until then, the five-piece continue unfolding with new hymns to lose yourself to, like the arrival of BLACKOUT. This catchy effort is radiant in its song structure, which is comprised of upbeat drum patterns, soothing guitar melodies, and one nasty closing breakdown in the latter half. To bring it all to the life, TURNSTILE enlist the talents of their own Alexis Jamet and Logan Triplett to animate a video representative of the energy present within.

Experience BLACKOUT below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

'GLOW ON' (2021) cover artwork


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