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UN, COLTSBLOOD team up to deliver SPLIT release

Two massive tracks coming your way.

A powerful doom collaborative is set to release next month as Seattle's death doom outfit UN has teamed up with blackened doom trio COLTSBLOOD for what's expected to be an explosive SPLIT release. The effort will be self-released on February 15 digitally and on limited cassette (100 copies).

UN will be contributing the 21+ minute ode Every Fear Illuminated, which is available to stream now via Decibel. The track is everything you'd expect from the band; grand production, powerful instrumentation, and emotionally charged lyricism. COUGH/WINDHAND bassist/vocalist Parker Chandler contributed to the track, offering lyrics to an already heart-wrenching composition.

UN frontman Monte McCleery comments:

"Every Fear Illuminated was written and recorded in the spring of 2017 as a direct response to the loss of so many friends here in the Pacific Northwest. Now, finally to be released nearly two years later, this song weighs even heavier in our hearts. We are proud to have our friend Parker Chandler contribute vocals to this very personal song, as well as share the release with UK Doom titans Coltsblood, who both undoubtedly relate to this experience of intense grief and remorse."

COLTSBLOOD will be contributing the epic Snows Of The Winter Realm, embodying the band's nihilistic sludge and doom characteristics. If you've had the opportunity to to indulge in the punishing COLTSBLOOD sound, you know what to expect.

Each band will only have 50 hand numbered cassettes available, so pre-order yours as soon as you read this. You can do so through UN in the U.S. or COLTSBLOOD in Europe.

Cover art by Samuel Nelson


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