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UNGFELL announce new album 'Es grauet' + share lead single

The Swiss black metal duo have concocted yet another journey work embarking upon.

ungfell Dungeon Cinth
Photograph by Dungeon Cinth

Beneath what could very well be the best album cover of April by Robbie C. Ward, black metal finds itself at its most engaging due to a conscious and well articulated approach to lore, all courtesy of UNGFELL. These riff-charged lyrical concepts are comprised within the band's third album, Es grauet, which is set to arrive on April 30th via Eisenwald. With Ward's artistic intricacies at the helm, Es grauet has a visual companion that elaborates upon the record's setting, that being an idyllic rural village in pre-modern times. Lead single Tyfels Antlitz serves as an apt preface for the tale listeners are set to experience come April 30th.

Stream Tyfels Antlitz below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Robbie C. Ward ungfell
Cover art by Robbie C. Ward


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