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VIGILANCE announce new album 'Enter the Endless Abyss'

A quality fusion between Venom and Mercyful Fate.

Slovenia's own heavy metal quartet VIGILANCE fuse elements seamlessly on their newly announced album Enter the Endless Abyss. Set to arrive on April 23rd, 2019, the (mostly) heavy metal release garners influence from the hallowed depths of heavy, including the likes of Bathory, Venom, and Mercyful Fate.

The band, which first formed in 2010, merge NWOBHM with the sepulchral elements of the first wave of black metal, serving as a proper crossover between those who enjoy Iron Maiden with a bit of malevolence. The aptly titled Enter the Endless Abyss is another worthy entry in VIGILANCE's quality discography. However, this is without a doubt the unit's strongest release to date.

Stream the menacing first single Stormblade below and be sure to pick up your physical copy via Dying Victims.


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