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Vitriol announce new album 'Suffer & Become' + share lead single

Portland's own set a date for the follow-up to the celebrated "To Bathe From The Throat of Cowardice" (2019).

new vitriol album, vitriol suffer and become, death metal.
Photograph by Peter Beste

Death metal unit Vitriol has re-emerged to reveal their sophomore full-length, Suffer & Become, which arrives this January 26, 2024 via Century Media Records. Adorned by the vivid detail of artist Dylan Humphries, Suffer & Become astounds from the get-go and rips right into you with turbulent lead single The Flowers Of Sadism. With promo photographs by Peter Beste, a cover this grand, and instrumentation this exquisite, we'd be remiss not to require you all to note the album's release on your calendar.

Guitarist and vocalist Kyle Rasmussen comments on the single:

"'Flowers' explores the topic of early developmental trauma and the resulting emotional alchemy that can lead to the development of sadistic impulses. While not being an ideal strategy in the presence of healthier alternatives, embracing my more vicious instincts was the key to my psychological and emotional survival at a time when my environment was both hostile and inescapable. It marks the beginning of a complicated journey of seduction by the necessary evils adopted in the pursuit of that survival."

Stream The Flowers Of Sadism below and pre-order the record via Century Media.

new vitriol album, vitriol suffer and become, death metal.
Cover Artwork by Dylan Humphries


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