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VOUS AUTRES announce new album 'Sel de Pierre'

A mesmerizing collection of haunting post-black metal hymns.


Following up the excellence in atmosphere that was 2019's Champ du Sang, French duo VOUS AUTRES are now set to release their third full-length Sel de Pierre via Season of Mist Underground Activists on September 25th. Formed by anonymous entities and β, VOUS AUTRES are a rather new outfit just three years since inception. Though only a few years into their existence, the band have mastered the art of bridging black metal riffs with the serene melodies of post-metal, as evident on Champ du Sang. To ease listeners into the beautiful melancholy that awaits, the band have shared a breathtaking video for Vesuve as the lead single from the record.

VOUS AUTRES comment:

"It's been more than a year in the making but we're stoked to finally give you 'Vesuve,' the first song of 'Sel de Pierre,' our brand new album. We had the chance to invite Maxime Febvet from DÉLUGE on this song and we are super proud of what came out of this collaboration. We also worked for several months on the music video you're about to see, and we hope that the result is worth our effort."

Stream Vesuve below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE via Season of Mist.

Cover art by Romain Barbot


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