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VREID announce new album 'Wild North West'

To be released alongside a companion movie to best visualize the conceptual approach.

Photograph by Nesbo Talle

To further cement themselves as one of the leading forces of contemporary Norwegian metal, VREID have unveiled the illustrious release of their Remi Juliebø-illustrated ninth album, Wild North West. Arriving on April 30th via Season of Mist, Wild North West expands on a typical release cycle and comes accompanied by an eight chapter movie that guides viewers through desolate landscapes, making for one comprehensive release you don't want to miss. It can be hard to follow up a gem like Lifehunger (2018), but the melodic black metallers are here to prove otherwise.

VREID songwriter and bass player Jarle Hváll Kvåle comments:

"Ever since February 2020, we have been working like hell on this new project. The only short break was when we hosted the livestream from my mountain farm last summer. This project has become all-consuming, and the hours we put into it is just insane. Most of the music was written during winter/early spring least year, and lyrically I started to work on this concept story. Then, me and movie producer Håvard Nesbø who did the lyric videos for 'Lifehunger' and produced our livestream started talking about taking things further. I brought up this wild idea of doing a series of music videos, one for each song and then build these together as a movie. A movie that is the actual album. Håvard who has no limits on his lunacy jumped on board, and we never looked back."

"This became the most creative adventure I have ever worked on. The whole process of writing music, recording and mixing it, writing lyrics, making the script for the movie, the actual filming and editing it and working on the design all got tangled up in one twisted world, where all these elements influenced and colored each other. It’s given a whole new dimension to our art. The result is 'Wild North West'. This as DIY as it gets, and it’s OUR story."

Check out the movie trailer below and stay tuned for pre-order information.

Cover art by Remi Juliebø (Deformat Design)


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