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Nostalgic Extremity: 2021 Decibel Magazine Metal and Beer Fest, Philadelphia (Photos)

Great riffs, great brews, & great times were lived at The Fillmore for one of metal's most thrilling bills of the year.

Converge, Photograph by Mark Valentino

Text by Luis (@luis.hoa), Photos by Mark Valentino (@markvalentino):


If we've learned anything from observing Decibel Magazine's meticulous attention to their Metal & Beer Festival lineups, it's that they tap into the strong camaraderie of the metal industry to craft an eclectic selection, time and time again. The sold-out 2021 edition of Metal & Beer Festival was no exception to their consistency with bands from across the spectrum delivering sets that those in attendance will surely remember for years to come. It's been several days since this past weekend's festivities and our own Mark Valentino still finds himself in recovery mode from an evening of acts that laid waste to The Fillmore in Philadelphia. We may have missed day 1 of the festival, but it was for good reason as Mark leveled Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn with Stabbed, who opened for Dying Fetus. That's fair, right?

After a night of complete death metal madness, we made our way down to The Fillmore and made sure to put a lens to it all. Traffic caused an unfortunate missing of Teeth's blistering set, but Crypt Sermon was next up and Mark captured the glory of our 2019 album of the year, The Ruins of Fading Light, in the flesh. Warhorse's apocalyptic doom followed with conviction and New York's Imperial Triumphant astounded with compositional intricacy, per usual. Icons in their own right, Immolation pulled out the big guns and ripped through a career spanning setlist. After celebrating its 20th anniversary earlier this summer, Pig Destroyer's Prowler In The Yard (2001) saw a full performance and re-established itself as an achievement of contemporary grind. To cap off another exquisite Metal & Beer Fest in Philly, Converge took the stage and delivered a special performance of their revered Jane Doe (2001), a truly momentous occasion. For those keen on hitting up the Los Angeles edition of Metal & Beer Festival, you best to do so with Converge set to be performing Jane Doe once more.

Enjoy a gallery of fine shots from Mark Valentino below as he documents the power of Crypt Sermon, Warhorse, Imperial Triumphant, Immolation, Pig Destroyer, and Converge through his lens:

Crypt Sermon


Imperial Triumphant


Pig Destroyer



Tickets for the Los Angeles edition of Decibel Magazine's Metal & Beer Fest are on sale now. Tickets can be purchased HERE and full beer and band lineup can be found below.

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