A Weaponized Mind: A Conversation with Will Putney of Fit For An Autopsy

Learning from the multifaceted songwriter, producer, and instrumental workhorse.

Words by Jake Sanders (@themetalscholar):

Sliding into the tail-end of 2021, the world battled the duality of safety versus sanity, playing a heart-wrenching game of, "Is this when live music returns?" The results are a mixed bag of yes and no, forcing some musicians to grapple with the every day torture of wondering if they'll be able to jump back into the spotlight. One such musician who has risen above the challenge is Will Putney: the driving studio force, the production kingpin, and the scene veteran behind Fit For An Autopsy, END, and so many damn credits behind the console that it would be faster to find something he hasn't had his hands in.

Today, Fit For An Autopsy comes out of the shadows with the follow up to 2019's The Sea of Tragic Beasts via Nuclear Blast Records. This new album captures everything from bumblebee triplets, to top of the drumkit intricacy, to bends that sound like a phantom, and even some of that classic artillery sound that brought their sound to life so many years ago. Titled, Oh What The Future Holds, it's as much a promise as it is a valid threat.

Right before Christmas, I met virtually with Will, who couldn't have been more stoked to talk shop, the logistics of industry workings, the clarity of an artist who has navigated nearly a decade and a half in the field, as well as the real troubles that infest the minds of the many during times of plague, and heartbreak:

Thank you for joining me here! Years ago I started listening to deathcore and I just couldn't get into it to save my life. It was something that felt inaccessible, for me. 2017 rolled around and I saw an upcoming tour for Trivium with Fit For An Autopsy. Well, we're right up at the edge of the rail. The show starts — and, even before it begins — I can feel those drum beats kicking like a machine gun and I now know something very, very, dangerous is coming. That was an incredible show.

Will: *Laughs* That's awesome.

I have not seen an opener like that in some time. To hear "Iron Moon" and see "Black Mammoth" played live, it was a conversion. When the show was over I looked at my friend and I'm like, "Merch booth?" He agreed.

That is awesome. Happy you dig it! Happy to convert people on the fence with the genre, for sure. We've done a good job at living in between the worlds of heavy music, so if you like angry, aggressive stuff, there's something in our band for you.
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