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ABYSSAL welcome you into eternal darkness on "A Beacon In The Husk"

Death metal for the ages.

How do you top something as suffocating and unfiltered as Antikatastaseis? Hard to imagine evolving from a work that profound, but ABYSSAL may have just taken it to the next level with the newly announced A Beacon In The Husk. Set to arrive on June 21 via Profound Lore, mastermind G.D.C.'s new offering stands as one of the most colossal pieces of music that human ears can capture.

Whatever happened in the four years since Antikatastaseis first reigned terror has truly pushed G.D.C. to new extremes. This fourth outing, which is broken down by chapters, dials up the death in death metal to suffocating levels. The abyss brought forth on previous outings is meager compared to the ambition felt throughout A Beacon In The Husk, which is quite frankly the musical representation of hell. To offer somber welcome, ABYSSAL have made Dialogue available to experience.

A Beacon In The Husk Tracklist:

01. Dialogue 02. I – Recollection: Shapes Upon The Retina 03. I – Recollection: Awakening / Metamorphosis 04. II – Discernment: The Cloister Beneath The Grime 05. II – Discernment: Khyphotic Suzerains 06. II – Discernment: The Triumph Of Fools 07. III – Descent: We Who Beheld The Fall Of Axioms 08. III – Descent:  A Beacon In The Husk 09. Soliloquy

Stream the colossal opener Dialogue below and stay tuned for pre-orders.

Cover art by Elijah Tamu

To bring dissonance to the live setting, ABYSSAL will be playing this year’s Maryland Deathfest and will be doing several shows (w/ Tchornobog) around it:

05/24 – Brooklyn, NY @ Bazaar (w/ The True Black Dawn, Merrimack, Deletere)

05/26 – Baltimore, MD @ Maryland Deathfest*

05/27 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie

05/28 – Montreal, QC @ Katacombes

*Abyssal only


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