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ACAUSAL INTRUSION announce debut album 'Nulitas' + share lead single

Another exquisite audiovisual endeavor from the I, Voidhanger camp.

acausal intrusion
Cover art by Daniele Valeriani

Having worked with the likes of Mayhem, Triptykon, and Dark Funeral to name a few, it's clear that Daniele Valeriani's talents knock on all the right doors for they embody the dark essence of the projects they represent, as we see in today's subject, ACAUSAL INTRUSION's Nulitas. Arriving on May 21st via I, Voidhanger Records, Nulitas delivers dizzying technical death with an emphasis on atmosphere, a sinister atmosphere that Valeriani so perfectly captures on the cover painting. ACAUSAL INTRUSION, who consist of two powerhouse members Nythroth and Cave Ritual, have crafted one raw listen, as lead single Nexious Shapeshifters can attest.

Nythroth comments:

"The acausal realm is the source of all true life, it lays beyond our causal world and is inhabited by ancient entities and chaotic energies usually too terrifying for humans to behold. Their intrusion into our reality can spark an alchemical process of transformation through which the individuals emerge on the other side with renewed self consciousness."

Stream Nexious Shapeshifters below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.



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