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AETHYRICK announce new album 'Apotheosis'

Featuring one of Timo Ketola's final works before his unfortunate passing.


Those who have traversed through this year's release of Gnosis can attest to the black metal prowess of Finland's AETHYRICK, the likes of who have now unveiled release details for their forthcoming full-length, Apotheosis. Arriving on January 22nd, 2021 via The Sinister Flame, AETHYRICK's Apotheosis features one of the last known cover illustrations by the great Timo Ketola, who passed away earlier this year, leaving behind a legacy of works that have forever shaped the genre. This third full-length pulls from Ketola's cosmic brush and thrives on atmosphere, guiding listeners through melodic passages of unfiltered rage and pain.

Stay tuned to this space for forthcoming audio samples and pre-order information.

Cover art by Timo Ketola


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