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Album To Watch For: Signs Of The Swarm — Amongst the Low & Empty

Deathcore is booming and with Pittsburgh's own delivering this big, the trend is expected to continue.

signs of the swarm, deathcore
Photograph by Andre Giovanni

Words by Luis (@heaviestofart):

With expectations set high following the momentous release that was 2021's Absolvere, Signs of the Swarm set an ambitious precedent for their fast rising trajectory amidst a contemporary deathcore known for its consistent top-tier selections. For those keen, the band's new album, Amongst the Low & Empty (Century Media), exceeds every projection with excellence from the battering opener/title track to the glitching closing moments of Malady.

Where Amongst the Low & Empty soars is its meticulous attention to songwriting, the likes of which shape shifts with each passing minute, unfolding new layers of extremity and elite musical prowess. At the helm is a David Simonich delivering blood-curling growls and screams that are as visceral as they are impressive. Together, the listening experience becomes a comprehensive one not immediately accessible and perhaps even overwhelming, but rewarding for those patient enough to let its expansive nature immerse you in its intricacies.

Simonich's roaring performance is a massive feat complemented by an equally grand instrumentation present throughout the record's entirety. Industrial flourishes are sparsely heard amidst a downright brutal soundscape, providing a refreshing during the chaos. Shackles Like Talons, one of the album's standout offerings, pulls back slightly and presents a layer of vocal vulnerability, making great use of space within the composition akin to that of The Witch Beckons and Faces Without Names. The songs boasts no stagnant moments, always explosive and alternating in pace, reflective of the intentionality that went into its making. Drummer Bobby Crow cements himself among the best in deathcore with a groove laden display characterized primarily for its polyrhythms and sheer brutality, pairing well with the commanding riffage of Carl Schulz as bassist Michael Cassese rumbles underneath. Its here that Echelon stands tall as an example of the non-linear path that Signs of the Swarm embark upon.

The serpentine beast that is Amongst the Low & Empty is a step forward in the right direction for a band that could merely rest on their laurels. Despite the high praise earned from previous efforts, Signs of the Swarm refuse to settle and crafted a staggering listen to place high on your listening lists for this week, and beyond.

Amongst the Low & Empty arrives July 28th via Century Media (Order).

signs of the swarm, deathcore
"Amongst the Low & Empty" (2023) Cover Artwork


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