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Album To Watch For: Spirit Adrift — Ghost at the Gallows

A grand heavy metal epic comes charging at listeners keen for a thrill.

spirit adrift ghost at the gallows
Photograph by Wombat Fire

Words by Luis (@HeaviestOfArt):

On August 18th, Spirit Adrift's well anticipated next chapter, Ghost at the Gallows, saw a release via Century Media, further cementing the Nate Garrett-led ensemble as one of heavy metal's strongest contemporary offerings. The once doom outfit has seen a great evolution since its inception, finding expansive ways to encapsulate Garrett's grief and resulting in one electrifying (and cathartic) listen. Ghost at the Gallows is exemplary as a moniker for the genre's strengths throughout its 8-track runtime.

It all kicks off with the glistening guitars of Give Her To The River, the likes of which slow burns and crescendoes into an upbeat, rip-roaring affair that provides listeners with an introduction to the masterclass instrumentation present on Ghost at the Gallows. The excitement continues into Barn Burnerone of Garrett's most standout vocal performances on the full-length with a vibrant solo to boast.

Album standouts like Hanged Man's Revenge sport flourishes of the heavy metal's yesteryear with crisp production that accentuates the groove and downright heavy thrashiness. With its dueling guitar solos, it's a shot of adrenaline definitive of the band's invigorating nature. It's here that we see that bassist Sonny DeCarlo, drummer Mike Arellano, and guitarist Tom Draper (Carcass) all add great depth to Garrett's shape-shifting excellence, each excelling at their respective craft.

For as high octane as Ghost at the Gallows stands to be, there are moments of vulnerability that offer breathing room amidst the momentous listen. These Two Hands for example delivers beauty in its acoustic passages, soaring high on emotion and likely to strike a chord for many of its listeners.

Ghost At The Gallows is as true a Spirit Adrift record as one could get, fulfilling all the band's creative asks and delivering big on thrills while doing so. We're a long ways from Chained To Oblivion (2016) in all the right ways with this latest effort serving as a culmination of a musical entity primed for glory. Garrett has found his magnum opus, and even then, we've yet to see what more awaits a Spirit Adrift with unbridled ambition.

Ghost At The Gallows is available now via Century Media (Order).

spirit adrift ghost at the gallows
Cover Artwork by Jeremy Hush


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