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ALEX MASS shares new single 'Too Much Hate' + announces Levitation Festival Session

Paving the path towards a soulful streaming experience with a physical release to follow.

Photograph by Barbara FG

Tours and shows in general have been put on hold due to public safety, but for the sake of their survival, bands across the world have been creative with the way they present themselves and their music. Among those doing their part to showcase music and support those who craft it is the Austin, Texas based Levitation Festival, who has reimagined itself temporarily as Levitation Sessions to host an eclectic set of unique performances. Of those performances, ALEX MAAS of The Black Angels is one and the frontman has shared his mesmerizing new single, Too Much Hate, as a taste of what's to come Saturday, March 27th at 7pm (CST).

The ALEX MAAS session, which will be released on all digital retailers on April 9th and vinyl later this summer, is comprised of three new tracks, including Too Much Hate, and a variety of gems from last year's Luca, making for one hypnotic listen of folk laden psych rock. Audio downloads, limited edition cassettes, t-shirts with art by Real Fun Wow (below), and more will be available exclusively as part of the stream, so be sure to get your tickets.

ALEX comments on the performance:

“We shot this down in an old opera house built in 1889 and a 100 year old German tailor mercantile building in historic downtown, which is now Astro Records. This session is a glimpse of what a tour on Luca would look like had we not been in a pandemic. It was a joy to get out and get back with the friends and collaborators I created this album with, and bring these songs to life. For now this is the world tour, and a look at what we’re looking forward to being able to do on stage when we are back up and rolling!”

Stream Too Much Hate below and order your tickets to the session HERE.

Poster art by Real Fun Wow

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