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ANIMALS AS LEADERS share mesmerizing new single 'Monomyth'

In celebration of their re-signing with independent powerhouse, Sumerian Records.


The instrumental elite of Animals As Leaders have released their new single Monomyth as their first new offering in 5 years, complete with a tantalizing music video directed by Telavaya Reynolds featuring choreography by Tlathui Maza / NOHBORD. More than it being a showcase of what is humanly possible on their respective instruments, Monomyth radiates soul and blows the mind in the most unique of ways, similar to how Tool entranced millions with the curiosity of their music videos across the 90's.

Frontman Tosin Abasi shares:

“Monomyth” is part fever dream, part ritual. Its imagery represents man's ceaseless attempts to translate transcendent ideas into movement. The conflation of struggle with meaning. Pain with significance. The ultimate failure of distilling perceived patterns in the world into knowledge."

Experience Monomyth below and stay tuned for more on Animals As Leaders.



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