Artist Profile: Legerdemain (Brian Sheehan)

Highlighting the work of one who stimulates the mind with dark, boundless visuals.

In a contemporary world of anxiety, uncertainty and fear, the arts have served as conduit for channeling human emotion. Creatives across the globe have taken to social media to express themselves in their own respective ways, inviting collaboration, engagement and camaraderie with one another to heartfelt results. As the arts continue to grow, Heaviest of Art aims to highlight the work of many that have introduced our community to new music, new experiences. With today's Artist Profile, we take another step at supporting their craft, selecting one particular artist and uncovering the variety of their works.

Our first Artist Profile entry highlights Brian Sheehan of the Legerdemain moniker as a creative who excels in the art of mixed mediums, specifically in a ruinous nature. Whether photography, videography, layout or art design, Legerdemain avoids the comfort of structure to stretch the limits of conventionality. A glimpse at any of his pieces would present an opportunity for one to see the mixed mediums at play, all coalescing into one uniform entity. Though his works remain dark in color, not one work is like the other, varying in shades, detail, and depth. They stray from simplicity and challenge viewers to uncover the layers within, as all art should.

To further highlight the art of Legerdemain, we go behind the mind of Brian Sheehan:

Of the many passions and professions around the world, why art and mixed media? Sheehan: Be it either a complex, a calling or flat out escapism, it's always made sense to lean in the direction of the arts. Not just as a means of expressing myself and communicating, but a constant state of making things, compelled to create. Your work is far from conventional, incorporating a well-layered mixture of dark elements, photography, and more. Upon approaching a project, is there an intended reaction you wish to evoke upon viewers? Sheehan: If the occasion calls. I would say most of the work has a cause to convey but reaction still resides with the voyeur. Most of the original art commissioned by bands runs on the lyrical/ conceptual themes with me having the opportunity to interpret visually. Layering elements is often a method to include multiple mediums and interests. Was there a particular moment in your life or artist throughout history that inspired you to want to take this particular dark direction? Sheehan: Without recalling the exact first impressions, I've always sought this stuff out. Often reference the old black and whites and visually striking horror films. It's the same song with music. My tastes are always expanding but remain grounded in the darker themes. Of your recent works, Shaidar Logoth’s Chapter III: The Void God and your WIP for Chrome Waves really stand as truly representative of your work. About how long does a cover illustration take to complete? Sheehan: Varies on the project. The Void God project originated from licensing a photo for the cover to a fully commissioned revisit complete with additional art and layout.

Shaidar Logoth - Chapter III: The Void God (2020)

With the new Chrome Waves, Jeff sends music and I visually interpret. Same with the latest Wolvhammer art.