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ASHLEY SHADOW announces new album 'Only The End' + shares lead single

The Vancouver songwriter prepares a collection of passages ridden with blissful elegance.

ashley shadow
Photograph by Tyler Mcleod

Being alone with one's thoughts is a double edged sword. The isolation can send the mind spiraling into sadness, perhaps sparking regret or allowing depressive thoughts to take over. Hope can however rise from these darker depths and instill the strength to overlook past downfalls, helping one find peace of mind. In the case of ASHLEY SHADOW and her newly announced full-length Only The End, the latter takes the helm and drives forth an uplifting message drenched in elegant soundscapes. Her sophomore record arrives on September 24th (vinyl on October 29th) via Felte and features collage cover art by Justin Gradin. Lead single Don't Slow Me Down, which features Bonnie Prince Billy, is an apt sample of the heart embodied within the composition as it guides listeners through a graceful ASHLEY SHADOW vocal performance to put the soul at ease.


"'Don't Slow Me Down' is a song that fights the enviable experience of falling behind, losing out or having something pass you by."

Stream Don't Slow Me Down below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

ashley shadow
Cover art by Justin Gradin


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