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ATRAMENTUS to release 'Stygian'

A towering funeral doom outing of THERGOTHON-like heartache.


Beneath the breathtaking brushstrokes of THE Mariusz Lewandowski lies a mournful giant by way of Longueuil, Québec-based ATRAMENTUS. Among the band's ranks are members of CHTHE'ILIST, FUNEBRARUM, GEVURAH, and more, speaking to the talent responsible for Stygian, the band's forthcoming debut LP. The record is set to arrive on August 21st via 20 Buck Spin and comes stacked with imposing funeral doom soundscapes. An excerpt from the THERGOTHON-charged full-length has been shared as testament to the songwriting prowess contained within, which bridges the thematic elements of CHTHE'ILIST's Passage Into The Xexanotth (2018) and forthcoming record.

Stream Stygian (except I) below and stay tuned for pre-orders and more.

Cover art by Mariusz Lewandowski


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